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About All My Lines

This is an on-going effort to document all the lines of our family genealogy. Click on a surname to learn more about our family names.

Our Higdon line currently originates somewhere in Maryland, possibly Montgomery County, around 1765, with Erasmus. Sometime around 1800-1810 he journeyed to Bullitt County, Kentucky. From there he trekked up the Ohio River to the Cincinnati, Ohio area, arriving sometime between 1816 and 1820. We lose track of him in 1829. His descendents dispersed west - settling in Decatur County, Indiana, Grundy County, Missouri, and San Joaquin County, California.

The Gilgert line originates somewhere in Germany, probably Bavaria, with John George. The story goes he was a stowaway on a ship bound for America. After a brief stay in Herkimer, New York, he sailed to the California gold fields in 1852. He eventually bought a 200 acre farm in San Joaquin County.

Our Ring line currently originates in Eppelsheim, Germany, although we suspect the father, Kaspar, comes from the small town of Marbach, near Ebern, in Bayern. The family left Eppelsheim for the United States starting in 1854. After the briefest of stops in St Louis, Missouri, they settled in Macoupin County, Illinois, along with many of their friends from Germany. Around 1900 they made their way to Northern California.

The Brooks line should really be called the Bosch line. Within 20 years of immigrating to the United States everyone changed their surname from Bosch to either Brooks or Busch. Our oldest Bosch, Nicholas, originates from Schleswig Holstein in northern Germany. His descendents settled in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and Northern California. A rogue grandson ended up in Polk County, Arkansas.

These lines all converged for a brief moment in San Joaquin County and the result is this website.

There are currently 4775 individuals, 1657 families, and 1130 unique surnames in our database. For more stats, click here.

Big Disclaimer

Shockingly not everything you find on the internet is true - possibly including some findings on our web site. Unless there is a source citation this represents our best guess. Huge leaps of faith are marked in red as "unproven".

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