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Harrison County Home Cemetery

abt 1855-aft 1880

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During the 1800s, Harrison County operated a "County Poor Farm", also known as the "asylum" through the late 1800s. It was closed in 1902 when the new County Home was built just west of Bethany. The old County Poor Farm was located approximately three miles south of Ridgeway on blacktop T. In 1902, Harrison County opened a new, more modern facility just across the Big Creek Bridge on west Main Street, just outside the city limits of Bethany.

The County Farm was used to house a wide range of individuals including the poor, homeless, the mentally ill and others who were made a ward of the county. This facility was in operation until about 1960.

The two facilities had adjacent cemeteries.

Only one grave, William Loy, was ever marked by an actual tombstone. Most were marked at the time by a pile of rocks, undertaker markers, a mound, and one cypress board. These are long gone. Both areas are now cultivated fields.

Individuals with little or no information, other than "Died at County Farm" may be buried elsewhere.

Bethany, MO

County State Country
Harrison Missouri USA

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